Absolutelystone® products provide high quality aesthetics; both functional and luxurious this material can be utilized in interior and exterior environments.
Our variety of styles, shapes, textures, colors and designs offer endless possibilities.

First, a brief history about cast stone veneers.

With the invention of structural concrete and pozzolan cement, Romans were able to form wide vaulted arches and gateways at the Colosseum and to make the Pantheon’s famous dome.
The earliest known use of cast stone dated about 1138 in the walled city of Carcassonne in France, one of the finest examples of medieval fortification in Europe.
Cast stone veneers were first used extensively in London around the year 1900 and gained widespread acceptance in America in the 1920’s. The actual formula mix used nowadays really hasn’t changed very much since then. It is composed of Portland cement, additives, sand and aggregates. Anyone can produce veneer cast stones in their garage over the weekend (www.youtube.com shows you how).
This is super low technology and absolutely far from rocket science. There are plenty of companies out there doing just that.

On the one hand…

Major inconveniences (drawbacks) with these cast veneer stones:

Another option available to cover walls with stones:

Closed cell Polyurethane panels. (Which most companies don’t say what they are made of...why?)

The good :

Extremely lightweight.
Easy to handle and install.
No need of skilled labor, just common sense and a minimum of do- it -yourself capabilities.
Realistic appearance (in some cases).
Low freight cost.
Supposedly excellent R value (insulation).

The bad :

Long lasting as advertised?
Definitely not ecological.
Do not have the touch and feel of real stone.
Woodpeckers love the stuff.

The Ugly: 

Highly toxic smoke if a fire occurs, which prohibits its use indoors.

On the other hand…

Absolutelystone® is a unique architectural surfacing solution based on an engineering process which uses the same mineral composition as natural stone. By adding other technologically advanced components we are able to basically produce reconstituted stones with improved properties. Our process takes crushed stones of different characteristics and densities, permanent mineral oxides, fibers to improve impact and freeze-thaw resistance and an hydraulic binder to solidify all of the components together. Our composite mix is then applied into very precise molds made with the same silicon material used in dentistry allowing us to reproduce the most intricate details and textures. Our stone panels are 100% identical in appearance to the original stones used in the replicating process, it is virtually impossible to discern the difference between real stones and our panels. They even have the touch and feel of real stones.

Major advantages of our panel:


Cover walls in a matter of hours not days

Create a new stylish and elegant look to your home using our luxurious Absolutelystone® panels. 

Our superior panels will add a beautiful and stunning feature to your property and consequently directly reflect on the resale value.