Frequently asked questions

Are cast stone veneer products easy to install?

Cast stone or natural stones are not easy to install. You need expertise and it is a job for a professional mason. (Check cast stone

Can I install Absolutelystone® panels by myself?

Anyone who has common sense, basic carpentry skills and knows how to read (our instructions) can easily install our panels.

What is needed to install Absolutely stone® panels?

It is very simple to install Absolutelytone® panels with one or two people using basic hand and power tools. We recommend a nail or screw fastening method. Refer to our complete installation guide for details.

What is the weight of your 2 sq.ft. panel?

Approximately 8 to10 lbs. (4/5 lbs / sq.ft.) which makes it easy to handle and eliminates the need for lift equipment and extra labor.
Just for comparison purposes, a standard concrete stone veneer product weighs on average about 12 to 16 lbs / sq.ft. which is approximately 3 to 4 times the weight of our panel.

What is the panel size and how fast is the installation?

12” X 24” which makes it a breeze to install 300 sq.ft. per day between 2 persons.

What maintenance is required? 

None. Just clean with a water hose for exteriors and with a brush, water and mild soap for interiors.

Stone panels colors will fade?

Natural and manufactured stones are both affected by weather and environmental influences and as real stone darker colors could slightly fade over the years.

What about stone repetition?

Absolutelytone® panels are cast from different sets of molds and dyes are artistically applied  by hand to recreate the subtle nuances inherent in natural stones.

How long will Absolutelystone® panels last?

Absolutelystone® products have been engineered to withstand all kinds of weather conditions; our fiber reinforced composite material has a surface harder than natural stone. Our panel will last as long and probably longer than any quality concrete or masonry material. 

Can Absolutelystone® panels be used on exterior?

Yes, absolutely.

Are Absolutelystone® panels water proof?

Absolutelystone® panels are definitely water repellent because of our technically advanced formula which creates a surface  akin to a ceramic finish.
A  final U.V. resistant sealer is applied to our panels to provide a long lasting breathable barrier which exhibits superior resistance to water, airborne dust and dirt, salt, acid rain, alkali, freeze/thaw damage.

Can Absolutelystone® panels be used in interior? 

Yes, absolutely.

Are Absolutelystone® panels combustible?

Absolutely not, and they do not produce toxic smoke like other products… 

Where can I purchase your product?

Give us a call or email us at :; we will locate the nearest distributor in your area. 

What does the 25-year Warranty cover?

Our panels combine high resistance to U.V. and very stable oxide coloration process. They will not blister, peel, corrode, rust, rot, delaminate, flake or excessively fade due to defects in materials or manufacture, when properly installed, and maintained according to our instructions.